Calgary Florist Kiev, Ukraine: Ornaments ... Calgary Flowers Videos

Calgary Florist Kiev, Ukraine: Ornaments ...

A flower exhibition displaying different embroidery traditions decorated with flowers is underway in Kiev. Here’s more.

Traditional embroidery comes alive — literally- at the 55th Annual Flower Exhibition that has opened in Kiev this week.

This year is dedicated to Ukrainian embroidery traditions—different areas of Kiev are presented by ten flower sets. They are recreating tra ditional towels, embroidered with ornaments from various regions of the Ukraine.

[Nina Davidchuk, Landscape Architect]:
“It was such a joy. We were so inspired planting this. We are very pleased.”

About 300 artists have been working over the past three weeks.

Obolonskyi area presents embroidery of the Poltava region. The pattern on the towel, threads and needles for a pillow—are made from plants. Even a pitcher is made of flowers….

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